Be they shy gunge virgins or wild experienced sploshers, who love nothing more than pleasuring themselves in the goo, our sexy Angels love getting messy just for you.
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Scene reviews
Sent by real customers
Candied Candi is a real treat
Gorgeous girl with a stunning body getting glazed with chocolate and teased with pleasure. While not overly sexual this is enough to drive any chocolate lover mad. Full coverage of almost every inch of a very sexy Candi. I wish I could trade places Frankie, super envious of her in this scene. Visually stunning, drives the imagination wild, good value; enjoy your chocolate dream.
-ViktorReznov1963    2/1/24    
Best custard video I've seen
Wow, what an awesome video. It would be hot to have someone licking her pussy whilst Jess poures the custard. Mmmmm.
-DirtyWamMan-98    6/30/23    
Very sexy Jaime knight
I'm loving Jaime knight in this, getting gunged in that hot sexy latex outfit. You can see her getting gunged with custard and caramel and then her beautiful giant tits show through the fishnet fabric. They start to look huge as theyre very wet. They look as if theyre going to bust out of the fabric. I hope I see Jaime Knight in more and more pie and gunge slime fun action.
-TheCars7897    4/17/23    
Shame you don't see the act of mess.
The girls are looking hot but to be honest I found it disappointing that the mess just appeared on their heads, I love to watch the substance being dropped and the reaction of the girls.
-MartytheHat    1/10/23    
No Bs here just a very messy BJ and a lot of whipped cream
This one is for the fans of messy Bjs and cream-covered women. Also for those that love to see melted cream all over gorgeous women. No Bs here just a very messy BJ and a whole lot of whipped cream.
-mhop    12/19/22    
Well worth the price!
Black women are so beautiful and sexy! Their lovely dark complexion and lovely curves makes their bodies so irresistibly sexy and orgasmic when covered in gooey mess. This scene has two sexy Black women Eden and Dani! The seductive, dominating Eden is shown in a revealing top as she has the poor submissive Dani tied up wearing very sexy lingerie. Eden can do what ever she damn well pleases to the helpless Dani. We see Eden poor custard down Dani's top into her luscious, sexy size D breasts! Then her skimpy panties are man handled as they are stretched back and filled with custard and other messy substances. Eden then pulls them up and gives Dani a very messy wedgie! We are treated to Dani's beautiful messy pussy and ass. Finally Dani is untied to kneel down in the mess and ordered to continue trashing herself. Her poor little top slips down from the slimy weight and mess to reveal her awesome breasts! One can fantasize about being naked with Dani and having a wonderfully orgasmic time with this sexy Goddess!
-muddyfeet    6/21/22    
Cakes and mess will have you cuming in your pants!
Dani the luscious and very beautiful Black model with the same name found in Abbywinters! We need more beautiful Black models in wam! Dani does not disappoint and neither does her beautiful butt and tasty bare shaven pussy! A lovely, cheeky, smiling girl sitting on cake after cake. We get nice close ups of the smashed cakes and cream oozing out from her butt cheeks and pussy. A real turn on! Now if only I could eat those smashed cakes that she sat on and finish off by licking her clean--great fantasies to lead you to a powerful orgasm while you masturbate to Dani!
-muddyfeet    6/20/22    
Oh that was awesome proper enjoyed that a very pretty girl
Oh that was awesome proper enjoyed that seeing a very pretty girl get messy and to see her enjoy it was brilliant just wish see would have got a big custard and cream pie in the face at the end apart from that brilliant this was my own views.
-scholes18    6/12/22    
Big tits and green slime. What's not to like?
A good solo short scene, with Emma Butt getting covered with green slime. In what could had been the first "Just Fucking Pour It!" scene. If they do another Just Fucking Pour It!, it should have Emma & Axa Jay, who was in a scene with same name. Then, that could be a great to excellent scene to watch!

3 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    4/12/22    
Shay, Tammie and whipped cream. Enjoy.
A short fun third scene, of Shay & Tammie working together. And finally, Shay gets to mess up Tammie, more than the other 2.

2.8 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    4/12/22    
Ayla Sky may need to see Dr Frankie after this, lol
This is the third time that Frankie & Ayla has done a scene together. And, it's the first scene o theirs, that you may not get turned on, at the first viewing.

The plot & sound quality is good. I just felt sorry for Ayla, all the way through it.

2 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    4/12/22    
In a red dress cruffed and covered in green and yellow slime
If you're a fan of Frankie, then this scene should turn you on. I was slightly disappointed that the pink dildo wasn't introduced slightly earlier, when still was still cruffed! I think that Miss T could have teased her shaven pussy with it, to make it a great scene, before Frankie found it.

3.5 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    4/12/22    
Jes West as Mrs Clause, with green sime and a pink dildo
If you're fan of Jess West, then this short scene is worth getting. However, as its xmas based, i'm not sure how often you would watch it throughout the year!

2.5 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    4/10/22    
Shay Hendrix, fucked in yellow and white slime by Tammie Lee
Shay Hendrix getting fucked by the now retired Tammie Lee in slime, is a great to watch. If Shay was then able to fuck Tammie, with the same dildo, then it would be excellent.

However, as Tammie Lee has now retired from doing porn, we'll probably will never get a follow up to this scene. Which is, a shame.

4 out f 5.
-Wheelchairman    4/8/22    
Beautiful model with some very dirty words and messy body.
Kayla is stuning. The way she is dressed, and the way she looks throughout is great.

There is definitely some instruction throughout, although no countdown at the end.

But the amount that Kayla gets messy is really worth it--and where that slime all goes is perfect.

Definitely a video I'll return to.
-jaffajape    1/8/22    
Maise and Shay, slime fucking.
Finally, after viewing still & a 3 minute sample fhis scene. I can now enjoy Slut Trek, in all its glory. As, it doesn't take Maise & Shay to get slimy & naked, after landing on planet goo.

An enjoyable watch. However, i do wonder why there was no follow up scene, when they go back to the ship!

3 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    7/22/21    
Lola and Jess, having slimy fun in bikini's, b4 getting naked.
If you're a fan of orange slime, Jess West or just 2 young women having fun with each other in slime. Then you should enjoy this video, even through they aren't actually wrestling in the slime, just having a nice gentle roll around in it.

3 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    3/16/21    
Slimy and custard fun in bikini's, b4 using dildos whilst naked.
Jess v Axa, will be a scene that will turn anyone on, as they wrestle their way out of their small bikini's.

Who will win? Surely, Axa has the power advantage over Jess. However, Jess should have the quickness.

Sit back, enjoy this great scene, where no holes are barred!

4 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    3/13/21    
Jess getting pied and slimed and loving it.
This is a short scene, but it see Jess at her solo best.

If you're a fan of per flinning, then you'll love this scene

3 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    3/12/21    
Jess West get creamed
A good fun scene, for fans of Jess West & or whipped cream.

Pippa doms willing Jess with can after can of whipped cream, whilst telling her when to take off her bikini top & bottom off.

Unlike the same scene with Pippa & Axa Jay, Jess doesn't get her own back on Pippa.

3 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    3/12/21    
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